Team B – Shingaling

Rachel, Pete, Andrew and Titus

Titus Cheesewhisky (Microengineering Major from EPFL)

An avid semi-pro Super Meat Boy gamer, he likes to take long journeys of awesomeness that involve parkour and general sight seeing.  He envies Andrew’s amazing collection of sneakers, but takes pride in his clever ability to solve engineering problems.  Jokes are never far from any of his conversations, and are often followed by his easily distinguishable belly-full laugh.

Pingpong Reeseswat (Grad MechE from CMU)

Thai super-model Pingpong, or ‘Pete,’ likes to enter the MechE shop with a flick of his chic hair.  He prefers to remain quiet so those around him can focus on his smoldering presence.  In order to make others feel less inadequate when around him, he puts on a thick Asian accent and pretends he can’t quote Shakespeare (to be or not to be, that is the question! Whether ’tis nobler in the mind to suffer slings and arrows of outrageous…) more perfectly than any of his teammates.

The Rachel Ungerman (Grad MechE from CMU (with Pitt roots))

Despite her first name being two words, The Rachel is a strong-willed woman with a fancy for smashing materials in the shop when no one is looking while listening to Rihanna.  She has secretly had a crush on PingPong, but can’t find the confidence to tell him.  Instead, she spends her time laughing along in happy conversation with Titus and Wond3rBoi while making fun of ‘Pete’ in typical school-girl fashion.

Andrew ‘Wond3rBoi’ Cappuccino (Undergrad ECE from CMU)

You can tell Andrew is in the lab if you hear things like “That will take two seconds” or “It’s easy, right?”, often accompanied by the tunes of just about any song that you will not forget for the rest of the day. Ladies and Gentlemen: Andrew is indeed our singing, dancing (he leads a hip-hop dance group) and butt-kickin’ (Karate) Wond3rBoi. Ain’t no wiring that he could not tame or no sensor he couldn’t master. Even though it sometimes takes -slightly- longer than anticipated ;) .